Franklinton Fridays

2nd friday of every month

art. science. community.


Featured Studio

Each month we feature a new studio in the Franklinton area. It's the collaboration of outstanding artist and small businesses that make this community great. This is a small spot light on those individuals who make a big difference.




   Alison      Aaron     Maureen     

At Chromedge studio 14 is home to Alison, Aaron, and Maureen. Their studio has everything from painting and photography to mixed media. Take a Virtual Tour of their space in this 360 video below.





December 8th

Come experience a neighborhood wide celebration of art, science, and community. Mingle from location to location and come to know all that Franklinton has to offer.  Franklinton Fridays is bringing all of Columbus' finest art and community events together every second Friday of the month. 

Join us for everything from art shows and theater, to classes and science exhibits. Our large scale community event invites all of our Franklinton neighbors to open their doors and welcomes you, your friends, and your family inside; for a unique experiences. You will find food and entertainment of every sort along the way!


The Experience

activities & exhibits



  • 400 West Rich - 7-10pm,  art shows, craft markets, artist studios

  • Chromedge - (opening soon) artist studios,  art events

  • The Vanderelli Room - 7-10pm, fine art, music, classes, event space

  • Ohio Art League - 7-10pm, art shows, classes, community events

Live Entertainment

  • Close Quarters  - 7-10, Killer Queen arcade game, art and music.

  • 129 Studios - 7-10pm, urban art, music, community events

  • Franklinton Playhouse - 8-10pm, live theater, community events, art

  • Defining Skin - 7-9pm, tattoos/piercing, live music, community events

Industrial & interactive exhibits

  • Idea Foundry -7-9pm, industrial arts, demos, community events

  • COSI - pop up events inside of participating entities

  • Glass Axis - 6-8pm, glass art shows, demos and classes

  • Lundberg Industrial - 7-10pm, artist studio/metal workshop, events

  • Steam Factory - 7-10pm, youth classes, art, science, crafts

  • Town Street Annex - 7-10pm, foundry art and classes, event space



Food & Spirit

  • Land-Grant Brewing Company - house made beer, art, events

  • Rehab Tavern - local art, live music, community events

  • Strongwater Food & Spirits - cocktails and dinner, large event space


Mixed media by Raheleh Bagheri & Arezou Bizhani

Glass sculpture by Kit Paulson

Photography by Emma Parkers

Improbable: Imaginings of the Curious Mind

Jay M. Mueller

Mixed media BY Jay M. Mueller