label me lecter

If you couldn't tell from their driving beats or passionate lyrics label me lecter is dedicated to their craft. Their music is more than a side hustle, it’s a calling.

Their belief rings true in the uniqueness of their sound and intentional lyrics. Often compared to another successful Columbus band, twenty one pilots, Brian Penn cuts through those expectations with velvety rapping vocals and lyrics like “I feel free when I thank my God/‘Cause I see constant grace.” The duo is steadfast in their music, their friendship, and their faith.

Photo:  Brock DuPont

Photo: Brock DuPont

Over the years Brian Penn and Michael Rist have grown together and adapted their music to “reach more hearts” according to Penn. After coming into their faith their expression took on a more personal message. Penn described their first EP as “uplifting and motivational” and described how his personal growth prompted him to make his lyrics more accessible by reducing the amount of swearing and making his storytelling about his personal journey. His lyrics land on people’s ears but lives in their hearts. Listeners can identify with him musically and personally.

Penn and Rist are excited to be playing more diverse shows across Columbus. “This is the best time for music in C-bus” said Penn in reference to seeing the community support local music in a tangible and beautiful way. The city is finally working for its self. People are spending their time and money right here.”

With their first full album on the horizon, we can expect to see diverse and bright beats in tandem with smart stories that inspire and even challenge the listener. Confident in his purpose and humble in his presence Rist explains, “I am always going to be amazed people come to our shows. People we don’t even know come! It’s great but also a strange feeling because we don't make music for that. We make music because that’s what we were meant to do.”

This talented group is in it for all the right reasons and has lots to look forward to this year. Check them out at the Franklinton Fridays Music Series June 14th at the Idea Foundry, show kicks off at 7pm!