Girl Fox

It's not often that the friendships we begin as young students withstand the tests of time and distance. In Girl Fox’s case, it’s one of their greatest strengths. This group of friends started their musical adventure in high school and since then have grown together as individuals and artists.

Friendship plays such an important role in this group that in 2016 they chose to teach their companion how to play the bass so that the band could carry on and the group could play together. This is despite the fact that their friend and new bandmate Braxton Foreman, had never actually played the instrument before. Within 2 months Foreman was up and running and played his first live show with Girl Fox.

Lead guitar player Tru Roberts, chatted with me about a few of the most influential moments for Girl Fox. Their first big break was being added to a Spotify playlist that garnered them over 8000 streams across multiple platforms. Roberts said “we kinda just got lucky with the playlist and it wasn't until last year when we dropped Really Girl Fox that we felt like we put together an album that represented us as artists and our own tastes.” Spotify has quickly become a doorway for many new artists to gain followers and build their audience. It’s no surprise that with the added exposure new fans would flock to Girl Fox. These self-proclaimed founders of Revenge-Pop create lyrically driven melodies that you can't help but sing along to and bright New Wave like guitar riffs. 

Girl Fox has grown as a group into performers the make the music they love rather than just the music they can create. Their second most important move was literally a move. All four individuals left their home town of Marion and moved to Columbus. Roberts said, “The Columbus music scene is strong and only getting stronger.” Their move has given the group a greater opportunity to play out, meet other musicians and continue to shape their unique sound. 

If it weren't for their move to Columbus they also would not have had what Roberts told me was their third big break, opening up for Hunny at the Basement. The two bands share a great deal musically so it was a natural fit. Their respective audiences easily overlapped and offered Girl Fox access to a whole new group of people to share their music with. In order to land this show, Roberts explained that “[they] just sent a random email to Promo West and asked if we could play.” They had no idea that Promo West would send their music directly to Hunny and with approval give them the opportunity to play. 

This is what makes being in a band and playing music most rewarding for Roberts. He told me “It’s not all about getting signed or making money but it is about playing with other bands you love and making music you love.”

These moments and their journey as friends is what has put Girl Fox on the path to releasing a new EP on August fourth called Friendly. Roberts is excited about this new EP and confident it will be well received. You can see them live during the Franklinton Fridays Music Series at the Idea Foundry June 12th! Come enjoy the free show and see what Really Girl Fox has to offer.

Girl Fox